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Quiz Cultural Program

Report on Special Assembly ‘India’s Cultural Heritage’

On 12th Oct., 2017 Dhanbad Public School, Hirak Branch had conducted a special assembly based on India’s Cultural Heritage. Students of Std VI, VII and VIII participated in it. The short skit represented a mime show related to India’s diverse Culture inculcate the feeling of Indianness and togetherness among the crowd . The skit ended with the National Song. The Principal further explained the students that the vital components of Indian Culture are good manners, etiquette, civilized communication, ritual, beliefs and value also encouraged the students for developing the feeling of unity and togetherness.


CBSE Heritage India Quiz Competition -2017

Introduced by CBSE in the year 2001, Dhanbad Public School, Hirak Branch enthusiastically took the honour of conducting the “CBSE Heritage Quiz – 2017” at its premises on 13th October, 2017 with the active participation of Std IX and X students.

The quiz aimed at raising awareness among students about conservation and management of India’s Heritage. The contenders were asked various questios based on the cultural practices and heritage of India in nine interesting rounds viz. MCQs, Recall and Answer, Identification, Who am I, visual and audio, sequencial round, current affairs etc.

Over all the whole session seemed fruitful and instigated the developing minds of the students.