From the President's Desk


Principal Desk

A pleasant ambience is created whenever we speak of laurels won by the institution. We are aware that the most able bodied become victorious, they can be a winner and triumphant in any adverse situation through an incessant work, determination and concentration related to the designated task.We have started the Senior Secondary classes in the year 2019 with a hope that the students will be able to continue the academic progression at +2 level from their school itself. The Commerce and science faculty have been commenced to fulfill the enormous needs of the students who want to puesue further education. It is really an achievement for us to begin the Senior Secondary classes. The ultimate motto is to mould the children into an exceptional image, so they transform into a good citizen and amazing star of the world.
The children have always proved their competence in matters related to their ability and genius. The amagamation of their innate qualities and acquired skills always leads them to attain perfection which is important to fetch in students - holistic development, which we are imparting in this inspiration. So, the school is continuously enhancing the infrastructure thus going for major repairs /replacement of computer room, classroom furniture and Montessori group in near future focusing on the multi-faceted development of a child and prepare them to comfort the world and win over the challenges which they meet in every walk of life. Their brilliance gets reflected in 'LE DHIMAN" each year.

With best wishes

Shri Ram Prasad Katesaria