From the Principal's Desk


Principal Desk

Knowledge is a powerful asset. Everything in this world is mortal and is bound to change but these changing things have the incredible capacity to teach us lessons which make us understand the complications firmly established in every minute thus making us strong to face these hurdles and install success. So, invest in yourself. Invest your time and money in learning things. Keep the power of observation high as observation empowers you with the right thought,right ability to choose and leads you to the right direction.
The tranquility which once prevailed and the calmness which once bound the human soul have been disturbed with uncontrollable technical advancement. Technology being a boon is also a bane. Children now-a-days tend to be aloof from the true source of knowledge i.e. books and turn a deaf ear to the old wise sayings of their elders and ancestors. Social networking sites, online multiplayer games like PUBG is not only harmful but also addictive and distracting. They are making students especially teenagers more vulnerable. The psychological and social effects of the game have raised innumerable vices. Thus, they cannot concentrate. So, it is my appeal to the parents to monitor their ward's actions, check the number of hours their children spend on mobile phones and motivate them by spending quality time. Parents ought to find alternative behaviour to engage their wards in sports activity and increased socialization. Students also need to develop self-control in them.
Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations. so, both parents and children must actively take responsibility educates. Responsibility creates a better understanding and helps us adopt measures fruitful in accomplishing our task. It helps us to be aware of our flaws and builds confidence in us. Believe deep down from the heart that everyone here is destined to do great things and so make children take up responsibilities so that they can build a better version of themselves.
" If you don't give up on something you truely believe in, you will find a way "

Mrs. Purnima Sil